When Do You Start To Be A Leader? Are you are natural leader? Do you need training?

I’ve always assumed leadership positions.

Although not always consciously.

Looking back over my life, I’ve realized that people have always trusted and followed me.

From when I used to play rugby at youth and senior level, whether as pack leader or captain.

Coaches and teammates would identify that was something about me that engendered others to follow.

In my How Do You Start A Career In Marketing blog, I’ve talked about my time in the hospitality industry.

Although I’d start as a barman or a waiter, it wouldn’t be very long before I became a shift supervisor or given extra responsibilities.

Like locking and cashing up.

People trust me, which is why I always level up internally through an organization.

When Do You Start To Be A Leader?

You will have started in a similar fashion I’m sure.

It will have been in a situation you were comfortable in, doing something you were naturally good at.

I don’t think you really need any leadership training until things get a little bit more complicated… Or do you?

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