Marketing is just understanding.

It’s understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your product and service.

Understanding your passion.

Then it’s understanding the problems and the expectations of your client or the customer.

Once you understand all of that, you creatively bringing those two things together.

That’s the exciting bit!

To help solve your client’s problems and issues with your fantastic product and service.

How Do You Find Out What The Problems Are?

Way back when I worked in hospitality I just asked them.

What do you usually like to eat or what wines do you like?

Then, based on our offering, he menu, I’d pair them up.

You can do this type of research very quickly and easily these days, and on a much larger scale, through your social channels.

Are You Brave Enough To Ask These 5 Questions?

Social media doesn’t just allow you to communicate to your audience.

It allows your audience to communicate to you.

This can happen subtly through likes, shares, and comments, or you can be brave and publicly ask their opinion.

How are we doing?

What are your issues right now?

How have you handled this?

Do You Have any worries or concerns?

What could we be doing better?


If, historically, you’ve been communicating your mission and vision; your dreams about the future…

You will get insightful responses that allow you to solve more problems.

If there’s a disconnect.

If there’s no alignment, cracks will start to show.

Perhaps you’ve been unclear about what you stand for or values aren’t being communicated effectively from the top down into your marketing.

Mixed signals can kill your company!

More often than not, it’s probably because you’ve been focusing on pedaling your product or doing the same thing you have always done out of habit, rather than addressing issues that your customers or clients’ have today.

It’s Never Too Late To Change


Start communicating your ‘why’, your passion and the perfect followers will rise up.

You may lose some, but they were never going to stay around for long anyway.

They weren’t the right fit and you’ll attract a lot more anyway.

When you’re talking to the right audience, those that are on that same long-term path, it’s easy for you to marry them up with products and services that you already have.

Or something even more beautiful.

Solving Problems and Helping People Makes Good Things Happen

Figuring out, with your client or customer, what other problems there are and coming to a new conclusion together.

Realising yeah, do you know what? This is what we could and should be doing.

Then delivering!

Sometimes, just sometimes, it’s holding your hands up and saying we can’t do that, go and talk to these guys over there.

That’s okay too.

That honesty is rare and will do more for your brand than trying to shoehorn your solution into that person’s life.

Is It Harder For Larger Organisations?

I’ve spent the last 15 years in and around small business.

I think what’s really helped me develop my marketing skills.

Talking to the end-user.

Every day, I’m talking directly to the people that use our products and services and getting their feedback almost immediate.

That very flat organisational structure ensures that the mission and values are communicated clearly and easily.

That isn’t always the case in larger organisations.

My next challenge, one that I’m really excited about, is leading a marketing team within a much larger business and maintaining that personal relationship with the end user.

Establish great relationships across the whole business in fact.

Understanding the vision and mission fully, and making sure that does not get lost in translation a long the way.

Rich M Brady
A creative, imaginative, free-thinking, idea generating, problem solver. If you like what I've been talking about, get in touch. If you want me to dig down a bit deeper into what I've talked about, please just ask the question, send me a message, write in the comments or click on your favorite social channel at the top the page. You'll find me there!

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