I started using digital marketing when I joined the family business back in 2006.

I’d been using my front of house skills to fund a year in Australia, but still came back with some traveling debt.

It coincided with Dad’s want to launch an ecommerce website for the family business, so we struck a deal.

I’d use the Actinic software he had purchased to get him started, whilst I looked for my next engineering job.

The partnership was only meant to last a few months, but I never worked in engineering again.

All In

I throw myself headfirst into new projects, so although we used one of the basic templates to get us started, I soon realised I could do quite a lot of modifications if I knew some HTML and CSS.

Learning those languages has been a real asset over the last decade.

I’m by no means an expert, but it allows me to make small adjustments to sites I manage and assess how others build theirs.

Teaching myself code certainly helped when working with web developers on the Shopify site that replaced my original.

Once the original website was complete, well they’re never “complete”, but the layouts were done, imagery and artwork sorted and page copy was finished, I started to use Facebook and YouTube to grow a wider audience.

It paid off dividends.

It was the ability to abate fear that really helped.

Fear surrounds every buying process, but it’s more prevelant with e-commerce or distant selling.

When you can’t physically touch and feel the item you’re buying or you’re not face-to-face with someone.

Especially for new customers!

We already displayed 3 product images for every 1 that a typical online retailer would use, but starting out with Facebook and YouTube introduced us to the power of video.

This was a decade ago remember, there are some organisations now in 2019 still not using video effectively.

The videos that I created really gave people an understanding of what to expect when that parcel arrived.

If you manage expectation and over-deliver, you can almost guarantee a happy ending.

More Engaging

If you follow any of my social channels, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve turned into a lover of video.

It’s possible that one of them led you to this blog?

It’s easily the most engaging form of content available to us.

I’m lucky that I feel so confident in front of the camera, not everyone is, but then I have been doing it for a while.

It’s The Gift That Just Keeps Giving

More recently, I’ve been using video to write my blogs.

I know that sounds strange, but I’m serious.

I’ve never been much of a writer, even though I know the importance of page copy, so I’m using the videos I create and manipulatiing the files I get from Rev.com to generate my articles.

Genuinely, I didn’t even write this one…

Just a few edits here and there!

Rich M Brady
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