This isn’t a how-to guide, I really need some advice. How do you teach resilience?

I know what it is and it’s importance, but I’m struggling to find ways in which to build up the individual and collective resilience of my team.


I understand that we need hard times and challenges early on in our lives.

For many families, it’s often factored in when deciding to get a family pet.

Note: This shouldn’t be the only reason. Dogs aren’t just for Christmas or for teaching your kids about loss!

It sets us up for the difficulties ahead and there is plenty of those in our future.

That doesn’t mean we should crumble when faced with a challenge though.

My company’s mission is to Nurture Resilience that’s how important I place the quality.

One day you and I are going to have to face hardship and devastation.

But, How Do You Teach Resilience?

As I write this I do wonder about the hypocrisy of stating that our mission is to Nurture Resilience, within a few lines of asking how to teach it.

Do I subject my team to gruelling feats of physical endurance?

What about pushing them mentally, until they’re exhausted?

Perhaps I should buy them all a goldfish?

How do push my team beyond their comfort zones without destroying their confidence?

I Need Your Help

If you have any advice, I’m all ears.

Perhaps your a coach or trainer that has some experience in this field.

Maybe you’re a business owner, a teacher or parent that has introduced a few tactics to develop those around you?

Please help!

Rich M Brady
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One thought on “How Do You Teach Resilience?”

  1. Rebecca, thanks so much for contributing. I really appreciate it.

    It’s really interesting that you see resilience and feedback so closely linked.

    As you know, developing and robust feedback culture is something that I’m prioritizing at the moment.

    I must admit, I hadn’t seen the significant part that it plays in building resilience.

    “We can teach our teams to know their strengths – what they’re really good at and should do more of, not just the areas where they need to improve. ”

    I’m starting to appraise, using the 5 conversations framework:

    Strengths and talents is next months topic!

    Thank you.

    I feel more confident that I’m on the right path. Replying to this blog and sending me those emails has a very positive impact.

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