My first introduction to marketing, where I cut my teeth, was working in restaurants.

The marketing – customer satisfaction feedback loop is as quickest you’ll ever experience.

In fact it was in the hospitality industry that I first realised that I was good at building relationships with people, working out what their wants and needs and over delivering.

You take people to their table, engaging with them as you move through the restaurant or bar, trying to very quickly understand what they like and dislike.

In your head you’re rapidly going through your knowledge and understanding of the menu, taking note of the specials that the chef is keen to promote.

Your job is to marry that understanding of the customers’ wants and needs with the stengths and weaknesses of your product and services.

All under a 15 minute time period!

In 900 seconds you have to decide which persona you’re dealing with, identify the correct product for them, in-line with company goals and deliver.

Then, the moment of truth.

Did you get it right, did they have a great time?

More often or not they did; it was a great time in my life. I learned a great deal and it opened up lots of doors.

When they didn’t, there was no where to hide…

You’re standing face-to-face with your customer and they’re disappointed in your product and or service.

The only way of resolving that situation is taking ownership.

Passing the buck, whether through panic, fear or company policy will not neutralise the situation.

It draws the whole thing out.

To win people back over, you have to make a decision there and then.

In my opinion, everyone should work in a cafe, restaurant or bar… The skills you need to succeed in that environment will help you no matter what industry you end up in.

I started marketing in hospitality, did you?

Rich M Brady
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