Foldable Phones is not my usual blog topic.

I’m a big lover of tech and, whilst I’m not an early, early adopter; I do seem to be ahead of the curve in tech adoption than a lot of my peers.

This post is actually a modified version of an email I sent to Leo Laporte, after I listened to this ‘This Week In Tech’ episode.

If you’ve not listened, do.

The format, the topics, the guests. It’s perfect.

I’d just got back from my morning walk, on which I was listening to the Foldable Phones episode.

Foldable Phone
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The panel covered various reasons for why they could be popular and a great deal of reasons for why they won’t be.

One of the arguments in favour was as we consume more and more content/media, they could become our primary device for watching TV/film/video.

I agree that having a device with that flexibility will appeal to a number of people, but not sure a Foldable Phone will be the solution.

If Not Foldable Phones, What?

Surely the next logical step would be a phablet-sized device.

Somethings that we are already accustomed to now that “scrolls” out.

Using the roll-able OLED tech that Samsung is working on you could switch from viewing your portrait phablet screen into a widescreen setup for watching a video or gaming in landscape.

No need to re-orientate your device.

I believe that there would be less wear, compared to that one section of screen that would be bent back and forth, repeatedly, on a Foldable Phone.

It would potentially eliminate the thickness issue the panel discussed.

You will lose the edge to edge screens that are popular now, but I’d wager this would be a much better solution to a Foldable Phone.

What do you think?

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